Why Media Companies Should Be Doing More

By Mike Drexler

Having been in the agency and media world for more than 40 years   I know how the role of media companies in the advertising business has changed. Media now have a much bigger part to play. And it’s important that media properties understand how to approach the business to generate more involvement. Simply stated, the advertiser, agency and the media all need to be an integral part of the process. But how and when do they intersect? What is the most effective and efficient way to make them work together?

Not enough has been done to think of our business as a truly integrated process. The media companies are generally brought in after strategic planning has been developed. Budgets are set, the allocation of media expenditure is established and the execution is ready to go. Properties come in to fight for a share of the media pie. That’s really a shameless underutilization of strategic assets.
Media companies have many assets to offer an advertiser beyond the fundamental currency of pages or spots or other advertising units. They have traditional and digital content, promotion materials, unique audience insights and research, PR, experiential marketing, events, they have storytellers and they have ideas. So why don’t advertisers and their agencies take full advantage of these assets? Because many media properties don’t position themselves strategically and have real understanding of the specific needs and requirements of the advertiser. The media need to get to the right people at the agency at the right time in the right way with genuine collaboration among advertisers, agencies and the media.
There are a lot of valuable media resources out there that are not being leveraged properly.

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