What Makes Media Companies Produce More Business?

Drexler/Fajen & Partners is entering the next phase of our expansion plan. Having worked with advertisers to review and select agency partners that best suit their needs , we are now meeting with media companies (both traditional and digital) to offer consultation that will help increase their business and understand the best way to develop successful and more productive relationships with advertisers and agencies.

Our focus has always been on media as we led several agencies, research companies and consultancy firms with a media focus.  We have often been regarded as leading media experts with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Our unique offering to media companies is an in-depth perspective from inside the agency and advertiser business that brings knowledge and understanding of how media companies can meet with the right people at the right time to demonstrate how their assets should be applied to clients marketing plans and help build profitable business.

We believe it is important for media companies to be directly involved with agencies and advertisers from the outset to contribute to business building ideas at the early stages of strategic development. Media have many assets that only they can bring to marketers. These assets are not readily available from agencies or advertisers in-house unless they work in partnership with the media. Proprietary content and staff to help develop original material, special advertising units that can be incorporated into consumer news and entertainment, promotional opportunities and tie-ins with marketing partners, proprietary research and insights emanating from their individual media audience behavior, public relations outlets and feedback mechanisms, multi-media packages, events, experiential marketing and distribution systems; these are just a few of the ways media companies can help advertisers and agencies market more productively.

Just as important is the fact that not even the best creative directors at agencies have a monopoly on great ideas. Good ideas can come from anywhere and often times they come from the media themselves when they have an in-depth understanding of a clients business.

What is often lacking yet crucial in the media relationship with advertisers is that the media must focus as much on strategy and innovation as they do on execution. Buying and selling has gone way beyond timing and price. It is now about developing strategic solutions that yield measurable results. Today, outcomes must deliver incremental revenue and profits.

Media relationships have always been an intrinsic part of business success. But today it must be enhanced with real business building ideas that separate an advertiser from competition by using all available resources. That’s what media companies can do and that’s what Drexler/Fajen & Partners will introduce to media clients as we work with them step by step to show them how. So give us a call at 646-459-2325 or email mike@drexlerfajen.com or steve@drexlerfajen.com .

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