In The Days Before Christmas 2016

By Steve Fajen


In the month before Christmas all through the land
We were scratching our heads to understand
What had just happened didn’t make sense
We didn’t get Clinton we got Trump and Pence


We were all nestled ‘round our TV
Secure in the knowledge of what we would see
We finished our dinner and had a night cap
And got ready to settle for a long winter’s nap


When on the screen there arose such a clatter
It was easy to see something was the matter
Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, Penn
Ohio, North Carolina unexpected then


The sun had set on Hillary’s parade
It was midnight for her and not a charade
Women, Hispanics and even Blacks
Voted less than expected, they turned their backs


On Hillary Clinton and Tim Kane
They weren’t Obama they weren’t the same
For the emails, and secrets she paid a price
Despite the fact that Trump wasn’t nice


Build a wall, kick them out. the Khans were trashed
Then McCain and the judge were also bashed
Miss Universe, university, the dressing room
The blurbs from the bus didn’t spell doom


None of this mattered, most didn’t care
They hated her more and they didn’t share
Their views with the pollsters who were dead wrong
We use polls too are they that strong


We survey everything, what we buy, what we watch
What we read, what we hear, but is there a catch
If we were wrong about Trump are we right ‘bout TV
How sure are we now, how sure can we be


So if this bothers you where do you go
What do you look for to go on with the show
Well remember the Cubbies it took them a while
But after a century now they can smile


Manning went out with a smile as well
With a Superbowl ring and that was swell
The Olympics in Rio came off okay
Despite the problems they faced every day


Lebron back in Cleveland won them a ring
But wait up I say, here’s the thing
Everything happy I cited was sports not real life
So should we retreat there from daily strife


Where else can we turn to be sure of things
Where can we win our Superbowl rings
Look at the calendar it’s that time of year
To smile and be happy to be of good cheer


Speak not a word then carry some toys
To give to the girls and give to the boys
Donate to something, some good cause
Try to be good, be Santa Claus


Put a spring in your step and a smile on your face
A party of one with a little grace
Can start a movement and make things okay
Remember that New Year’s is just days away


Originally published in Media Village