Christmas 2014

In the months before Christmas before any bell rang,
The Pope said it’s okay to believe in BIG BANG.

He approved evolution and said it’s okay
To receive a sacrament even if you are gay.

And then on one other thing he did budge,
About atheists, he said, “who am I to judge?

You would think then it could be a very good year,
But misfortune befell and these things became clear.

When out on the lawn in Buffalo
Folks would awaken to record snow.

Away from New Jersey, a nurse on a bike,
Told Governor Christie to go take a hike.

The Guv had his problems that didn’t abate
As he weathered the stories about Bridgegate.

Some kids on a bus crossed the border detained
And a vote for immigration in the House still remained.

The moon over Ferguson looked down on attack,
While ISIS wreaked havoc somewhere in Iraq.

When what would appear to my wondering brain
But Putin in Socci and then the Ukraine.

With probably no driver Malaysia’s plane
Went down in the ocean, it’s hard to explain.

More rapid than cops a guy climbed the fence
And breached the White House it made no sense.

Now Romney now Christie now Bush Paul and Cruz,
They jockeyed position in hopes Hill would lose.

To the top of the polls conservatives soared
While Dems lost in the mid-terms Obama ignored.

The Iphone 6 gave Apple a lift,
While New York adopted sweet Taylor Swift.

Fallon took over the Tonight Show
And Seattle beat Denver to a new low.

Lebron went to Cleveland and Giants made it three,
As World Cup Soccer returned to Germany.

Goodell made us angry Ray Rice made us cry,
But with class and a hit Jeter said ‘bye.

Farewell Robin Williams we will miss your mind,
Just one carpe diem he couldn’t find.

Hoffman and Rivers both left the stage
And Mike Nichols too wrote his last page.

Ben Bradlee left DC a much better town.
We need him today instead of our clowns.

Modern Family, Big Bang and go take a guess,
At the top of the charts still NCIS.

Mockingjay soared expected, unspoken,
On Christmas Day we get Unbroken.

Big screens pushed Apple to an all-time high
Alibaba from China made Google ask why.

So in this holiday season when we don’t work,
Let’s fill up a stocking, give the homeless a perk.

Because they are the people right under our nose
And by giving a nod I just might suppose,

In this year of travails we can just give a gift
And make someone smile and give them a lift.

So go light a candle and make the year right,
Be Santa yourself, Happy Christmas, good night