By The Night Before Christmas

By Steve Fajen

By the night before Christmas it’s almost a year
To make up our minds to dislike him or cheer.
He bragged that the size of his inaugural crowd
Was bigger than anyone’s he said that out loud.

Some cowered in bed ‘cause they knew he was wrong,
Some women went marching one million strong.
So I’m asking the people who voted for Trump
To slow down and consider this poem a speed bump.

The things that follow are things that he’s done.
None of them fake and they’re all from year one.
While out in the newsrooms there arose such a clatter,
Because of fake news real news didn’t matter.

For warning of Russia fire Sally Yates,
That’s just the beginning watch the floodgates.
Away with Scaramucci and Flynn in a flash,
Then Spicer and Bannon were tossed in the trash.

He sits on his taxes and devalues intel,
Gives Russians state secrets, while free press catches hell.
When what to my wondering eyes disappeared,
The Mexican wall so immigrants cheered.

A lively young Kushner for middle-east pacts.
The travel ban fails with alternate facts.
More rapid than lightning Comey is out,
Then Mueller shows up and he has more clout.

Now Deutsche, now oligarchs, with money to spare,
Follow the money that is if you care.
To the bottom of polls his base thinks that’s sweet,
But even they cringe when he sends his next tweet.

While three million more people voted for Hill,
Though The Donald prevailed he cries voter fraud still.
Get voter histories then give them to Pence,
You gotta be kidding that doesn’t make sense.

Repeal or replace the affordable care act.
He could not get it done and that’s just a fact.
Congress wants sanctions, which Trump tried to abort.
He hired Carter Page and Paul Manafort.

Insult Merkel, Australia and San Juan as well,
But Joe Arpalo and Putin are swell.
Trade Prebus for Kelly to end the quagmire.
Tell Rocket Man about fury and fire.

They were dressed all in white from their heads to their feet,
As the statues came down on Charlottesville streets.
Yet he didn’t denounce the supremacist throng,
He didn’t proclaim they were bad they were wrong.

Junior met Russians for a hack chat,
Imagine the uproar if Clinton did that?
Or if Obama at G20 went out of his way,
To sit down with Putin would that be okay?

At the G20 shove Montenegro aside.
Is this the behavior that we now abide?
Called on behavior by Corker and Flake
The rest remain silent so what will it take?

Said Obama neglected the fallen, the dead,
Which was not true then go golfing instead.
For the family of a fallen Kelly gave him the script,
Yet he was proven once again to be so inept.

He bashed John McCain who is battling cancer,
But for Puerto Rico he had the wrong answer.
While Corker says Trump could start World War Three,
Trump insults free speech for taking a knee.

With suggestions of orgies he addresses Boy Scouts.
The White House is a dump what’s that all about?
Obstruct truth draft a statement just for his son.
Draft the remark while on Air Force One.

He lies five times a day says the Washington Post.
He wants ten times more nukes, so we have twice the most.
Revoke NBC’s license for reporting real news.
Commend unlicensed Breitbart for their fake views.

Blame Schumer the day after a New York attack.
Say outrageous things and don’t take them back.
Death to the terrorist who did the deed.
Prejudice his sentence by speaking with speed.

Papadopoulos, Gates and Paul Manafort,
How much weight can an elephant support?
The whole tangled web is a LeCarre book.
Just when will he say, “I’m not a crook?”

Trump, Manafort, Papadopoulos, Page,
Is this a coincidence or are we at the stage?
Kushner and Flynn too have Russian ties.
Don’t you think it’s smart to begin to ask why?

Clapper, Brennan and Comey all claim
That Russia meddled in the campaign.
Trump says no so what’s the reason?
If Obama said that they’d call it treason.

The choice is no longer Donald or Hill,
It’s Trump or Pence so why trash her still?
It’s gone on too long, will we ask when
It’s time to stop making Russia great again?

He has plenty of words but does little work.
In my opinion this guy’s a jerk.
Read Article Two and Amendment Twenty-five.
Even Bannon predicts Trump won’t survive.

Now that Mueller got Flynn to cop a plea
Where will this go, we’ll just wait and see
Is there another shoe that will drop?
Is there a chance that all this will stop?

He still has three years or maybe less.
Will he make it that far it’s anyone’s guess.
So given all this is he bad or alright?
Good Luck in ‘18, Merry Christmas, Good Night!

Originally published in Media Village