A Christmas Vision (2012)

‘Twas the month of Christmas and all through the day
People were reading Fifty Shades of Grey

With the hurricane gone and proof we survived
We hoped unemployment would plunge back to five

The market was better but Greece was still under
Creating uncertainty that we could still blunder

To the precipice of the fiscal cliff
We might venture again if the parties are stiff

With things still a mess what hope could we bring
To the New Year besides Arab Spring

But it was winter right now as we looked through the pane
In both football and baseball Giants won their game

A half moon on the chest of Lance Armstrong would show
Because of the drugs all his medals would go

But much to my wonder Bachman, Perry and Cain
With Santorum and Gingrich gone all the same

And while Eastwood addressed the empty chair
Romney and Ryan stood waiting there

More vocal than rivals Clinton stood for his cause
And turned out to be Barack’s Santa Clause

Now Ohio, Florida, Virginia swing states
All went one way after debates

So the House remained Red, while the Senate was Blue
And the White House stayed Democrat too

As the dry leaves of Newsweek and Britannica became
Bits and bytes in the future – I think it’s a shame

That despite their price Facebook would last
Colorado and Washington just passed grass

A thud on the roof much more heavy than rain
From 30,000 he jumped from a plane

Instead of St Nick through the chimney with a bump
Unexpectedly out bounced Donald Trump

A certificate gripped tightly in one of his hands
He blew off the soot and made his demands

No bundle of toys were there on his back
You’re fired he said then went up the smokestack

What happened we said to the man who looked merry
What happened to life as a bowl full of cherries

The Olympics were grand for London we agree
While the Queen celebrated her diamond jubilee

With Bond she jumped from a plane to alight
Into the stadium to the public’s delight

But our stomachs are fat and they bounce like jelly
So Bloomberg banned sixteen-ounce bellies

Hunger games as a movie took top shelf
And Lincoln reflected our better self

On TV Idol was still ahead
But too much reality drives me to dread

What happened to stories why don’t they work
Are TV writers just one big jerk

Believe it or not NCIS
Is number one on top of this mess

But none of this chaos can make me sob
Because PBS and Big Bird kept their job

With the end of the year clearly in sight
Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night