A Christmas Vision (2011)

T’was the month of Christmas and all through the land
DC was deadlocked with things out of hand
The size of the debt would make a mob
While nine percent looked for a job

The super committee worked for months on end
Then they failed to agree on how we should spend
But the Tea party ruled in 2010 they were sent
While Occupy Wall Street decried one percent

When off in the distance traveling to towns
The President made his case on those rounds
Republicans sprang to cable news quick
To say that new taxes never would stick

Bachman and Paul, Perry and Cain
Trumped each other it all seemed in vain
Romney and Gingrich would survive just fine
But something that wouldn’t would be Nine-Nine-Nine

With social networking Arab Spring sprang to life
Egypt and Libya free after strife
Bin Laden was history, Gaddafi now jack
Our troops were preparing to leave Iraq

Now Sheen and Lohan can’t get work
Sandusky and Anthony seemed more than a jerk
To the top of left field he hit the ball
Jeter’s 3000th went over the wall

As dry eyes brought tears in Game Six when the Cards
Only one strike away twice beat the odds
They won the World Series in seven you know
Just one day away from October’s snow

With a twinkling tear we heard of Steve Jobs
He turned our heads with iPads and iPods
Way up in value Apple was hailed
But Samsung passed iPhone in US sales

Dressed as a Princess we watched while Kate
Married William and for a day we all escaped
Oprah retired to end her long run
Then started a network for another one

And while her eyes twinkled Rowling ended the saga
Grammy dressed all in meat came out Lady Gaga
Angry Birds stump the people they mock
Even if fake we love throwing a rock

On the stomp the first lady took on overweight
To encourage people to delay their fate
So many pounds and so many pills
And global warming gives me the chills

Our business was lean with low budgets galore
With Procurement wishing to cut even more
Transparency ruled as a goal to attain
And agency fees were tough to sustain

We spoke most of all of the digital space
Especially social and all it outpaced
So pointing our finger at agency search
Drexler/Fajen opened its doors with a lurch

In the harbor our statue turned one twenty five
Reminding us all that we would survive
We can heal next year so let’s keep that in sight
Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!