A Christmas Vision (2008)

T’was the month of Christmas and all through the land
Every person was frightened, a recession at hand

The budgets all done with an axe were prepared
And hope for ’09 was something we dared.

We all hunkered down and lowered our heads
And wished for a bailout, maybe the feds.

CEOs with their parachutes no longer deployed,
It was clear by now everyone was annoyed.

When off from the distance “that one” appeared
And told us that we had little to fear.

We sprang from our cubbies to get a good look,
With fingers crossed we knew what it took.

The landscape was harsh and money was tight,
Easy times were over, what’s left was a fight.

Would we get fired, would we survive?
With no profits at hand, how do we thrive?

From somewhere within there whispered a voice,
Each of us now must make a choice.

More rapid than eagles the thundering bears
Gave proof to the cuts we made with our prayers.

Now spots, and commercials, now pages we shave
On to salaries and profit to see what we save.

From the top of the ledger and all the way down,
We cut items galore on our face with a frown.

Dry memories of boondoggles in the wind fly away,
While our heads turn to thoughts of a much brighter day.

Up the chain of command went the budgets in fear.
How could this happen at this time of year?

And then in a twinkling in the back of my mind
Sounds long remembered seemed to remind.

A chimney of hope is a passage for dreams.
Could Santa appear, all is not what it seems.

In my mind dressed in red and in doubt he appeared.
Could there still be a Christmas given all that we feared?

A bundle of toys for our kids and our friends.
What could we buy if we couldn’t spend?

But his eyes in my mind they smiled and he said,
“If you’ll believe in yourself you’ll have little to dread.

We have seen this before, this downturn and war
We’ve met every challenge fate had and more.”

In the stump of his pipe he stuffed fear and worry,
Then lit a match that burned with a flurry.

Then he laughed and his belly it shook not as much,
On a diet he was with low fat and such.

Though chubby and plump he seemed a bit thinner.
Times were tough at the pole they cut back on dinner.

A lesson: give up what you really don’t need
And do it now with deliberate speed.

Then he spoke not a word and put down a bit less
Than years before, but with little distress.

Then laying a finger aside of his nose,
Up the chimney of hope with a wink he arose.

He sprang to his sleigh and took off in the snow,
As I watched my hopes rise with his reindeers in tow.

So this Christmas of less dedicate to the fight,
Of hope over fear, Merry Christmas, Good Night