Integrating Online and Offline Media Strategies

With online advertising now approaching almost one-fifth of all media investments, and growing rapidly, advertisers must think about new strategies and applications for their marketing campaigns. While traditional media will continue to play an important role, the need for multi-media concepts and integration with digital communications is an agency requirement.

The Internet is about consumer engagement with the advertiser and the message. Blogs, Social Networks, Web Videos, Podcasts and Viral marketing are necessary considerations in the new media world. Mobile strategies and applications, including video, are also creating more personal opportunities and point of purchase buying behavior.

We see earned media, paid media, social media, branding and direct to consumer marketing all coming together with PR and word of mouth (or word of web). Behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, creative and media optimization and frequency capping are important strategic considerations. Web analytics, tracking and CPW provide better and more efficient marketing results, but better attribution metrics will bring an important next step to the effectiveness of media planning.


Technology has changed everything and marketers must employ agencies that understand how digital media are changing peoples lives. Creative messages and media applications must reflect these changes and help lead the client’s company into the future by bringing more value to the investment.

As agency media review advisors for advertisers, Drexler/Fajen & Partners works to bring the best resources, staffing and operating efficiency to the process and relationship.

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