The New Review

Client Led / Consultant Supported / Behind-The-Scenes


Now, more than ever, clients are managing their own agency reviews.  Tighter cost controls at client organizations and the increasing involvement of Procurement are often responsible for reducing or eliminating the role of consultants. Nevertheless, both clients and agencies still agree that consultants can add real value during a search process. In this context Drexler/Fajen & Partners has developed an offering that specifically supports client run reviews, from behind the scenes, at a very reasonable cost.

DFP is now offering a full range of templates, benchmarks and advice to support the client review team and process from start to finish.  Clients run the review and can use our tools with advisory support.  The table below explains what is available in greater detail.

The cost of this service is $24,000 for the selection of an agency in the U.S.  Prices for multiple agencies are arranged upon request. Naturally, if an advertiser would prefer our full participation in managing a search we will be pleased to work on that basis as we have for many clients.

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