How Clients Can Produce More From Media Agencies

Drexler/Fajen Are The Only Consultants Who Have Run Media For Agencies At All Four Major Holding Companies


Most agencies today are building resources to enhance their digital capabilities and traditional services for clients. But client relationships also need to be strengthened at the media agencies with greater understanding of the broader marketing process, not just media. Agencies must develop stronger leadership roles as well and focus more acutely on strategy and innovation. That’s what advertisers are looking for today.

On the client side, procurement is playing an increasingly important role. While growth is essential, cost control is also critical and clients are looking at almost every way to reduce costs and operate more efficiently. In addition to media savings, advertisers are expecting agencies to be engaged in a process that is quantifiable to eliminate waste and produce measurable ROI. Agency staffing, overhead and scope of work must be transparent. Fees, commission rates and compensation must be benchmarked. That’s what we do.  We understand how agencies must continue to deal with change; to expand their capabilities, manage relationships, contain their costs and build their clients business.

Building Business Requires Real Value From Agencies

Drexler/Fajen & Partners also knows that agencies must form the right economic partnership with their clients to effectively and efficiently service their needs and requirements. Agencies must work to engender a deeper connection with clients to understand their business, their culture, and ingratiate themselves with the client team to bring their vision to life. While we use all of our knowledge, resources, and extensive data base to conduct a successful agency media review we also believe, in some cases, it can be productive to repair and enhance an existing agency relationship when it is still possible to do so. This is another way we are different from other consultants. We counsel both clients and agencies through a remediation process that will save both time and money and enhance a business building relationship.

No Cost And Perhaps Great Benefit Just To See How We Work

If you give us a half-hour of your time we will show you how we can produce more from your current media agency or, if necessary, conduct an agency review that will yield a better result. You may contact us for a free initial consultation by email or We can also be reached at 646-459-2325.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Drexler

Managing Partner

Drexler/Fajen & Partners


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