10 Best Answers to FAQs About Agency Search

We have often been asked these questions about the agency review process.  We thought you would find value in this collection of answers to the ten most frequently asked questions.


FAQ 1: Why shouldn’t I manage the agency review in-house,   without an outside search consultant? 
Search consultants can work under many different levels of involvement during a search, from full immersion to a behind the scenes advisory role.  They provide an independent, 3rd party impartial support and have managed many reviews before, under many different circumstances.  They can keep the client review team focused on hiring the agency that will help build future business, not just the agency with the best presenters.
FAQ 2: Won’t a search consultant cost me more than if I do the search myself? 
The search consultant organizes and orchestrates every step of the agency review, saving the client time and money (staff time and resources), often offsetting the cost of the consultant.


FAQ 3: How can I get a good template for an RFI and other  activities during the search? 
Search consultants have a tested collection of templates for every occasion during a review from productive RFIs to final presentation scorecards.
FAQ 4: How can I best screen an initial list of agencies? 
Good search consultants know the field of agencies in different areas by specialty, reputation, personality DNA and talents.  This makes the screening process easier and much more relevant.


FAQ 5: How can I construct a scope of work that will accurately reflect our needs and help the agency resource our account properly? 
The search consultant can help you develop the SOW with dimensions for project complexity, priority, re-work and timing.  These elements will clearly define what the agency needs to address in resourcing your business.


FAQ 6: How do I know that the staff the agency has proposed is  the right fit for my scope of work? 
By benchmarking staffing and resources against a proprietary database and the client’s SOW the staff mix of talents and experience can be optimized to the “A Team.”  Staffing proposals are benchmarked for type of experience, seniority, percentage of work done by agency officers and higher paid people and the level of staff dedication to client business.


FAQ 7: How can I make sure I am paying a fair rate of agency compensation? 
Go beyond comparing the new agency’s compensation bid with your existing agencies.  A good search consultant will benchmark the selected agency’s compensation proposal against industry-wide norms for salary, overhead and profit.


FAQ 8: How can I better the chances of success with the new agency? 
The search consultant can go beyond the search and selection to accomplish two things:  First is to manage the transition to a new agency so nothing slips through the cracks and second, to set up a client/agency performance evaluation monitoring system and accountability framework to ensure open communication, productivity  and continuous improvement.


FAQ 9: What does it cost to hire a search consultant? 
That depends upon the scope of the review.  A search for one type of agency in the US, where the consultant is hired for just behind the scenes advice, a set of templates and analysis and benchmarking of agency compensation, under $25,000.  For a consultant’s full immersion and a multi-agency, world-wide search in many global markets, fees can range well over $100,000.


FAQ 10: Who should I hire for a media or digital agency search? 
Drexler/Fajen & Partners, of course.

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