The Template Collection

To satisfy the growing need for resources by client Procurement and Marketing during the media agency search process, at a time when increasingly clients are running their own reviews, we are offering a series of templates to help clients through the process.  This follows our recent offering of agency economic benchmarks to simplify and expedite the client/agency compensation and contract agreement process.

The agency search process is not simple. There are many details to cover between the initial steps of screening prospective agencies and developing a succinct and useful RFI to selecting a winner, agreeing on a contract and a monitoring progress.

To solve this problem, we are offering a new, easy to use service –

The Template Collection

This template collection is predicated on sixteen years of experience in managing agency reviews and twenty-five years before that participating in them.  These forms will simplify your agency search process, focus your team’s activities and energies and promote a better result.  We will customize the templates to suit your needs and advise you on their use.

This exchange makes templates available to clients without the excess fees for actually managing the agency review, so they are reasonably priced.  This offering includes templates for…

  • The RFI
  • RFI scorecard
  • Client/Agency Scope of Work
  • Agency Staffing Proposal
  • Agency Economics Forms
  • The Final Presentation Scorecard
  • Transition Details Checklist
  • Performance Evaluation Monitoring

Templates can be obtained by simply calling or emailing us. We also offer behind-the-scenes advice on how to use them as part of the package.  Of course if you would like us to manage your entire review we will be happy to do so.

The Media Playbook is available on Amazon