Drexler/Fajen: The Media Value Experts

There are arguably under a dozen very active agency search consultants helping advertisers find and work productively with agencies in the US. None of them has principals as experienced in media as Drexler/Fajen & Partners. Between them, Mike Drexler and Steve Fajen have run media operations at ten media or full service agencies and, in addition, have twenty-five years experience in media consulting, research and human resources.

For advertisers this means DFP knows the media agency field from the inside out and has a complete understanding of resources, staffing, as well as media and agency economics.

Services include agency search and selection, staffing and compensation benchmarking, agency portfolio and relationship management and customized strategic consulting.

For agencies this means DFP understands what clients want and how to most effectively present resources in a unique way.

Services include media agency positioning and re-engineering, business development counseling, contract and compensation advice and client/agency relationship repair.

For the media this means DFP understands how clients and agencies develop media strategies and deals and how to intersect with that process to sell more effectively.

Services include media/market positioning, touch-point identification and content development and sales presentations.

The bottom line is that when it comes to media issues if you are seeking independent advice to increase value your first stop should be Drexler/Fajen & Partners.

The Media Playbook is available on Amazon