Client/Agency Relationship Repair

Drexler/Fajen & Partners is a media review firm working with advertisers to produce an effective, efficient and enduring advertiser/agency relationship. However, we also advise clients on how they might repair deficiencies in the relationship with their current agency to improve operating performance.  The tool we use to increase relationship performance and value is our proprietary Diagnostic Media Analysis (DMA).
Experience has proven that clients have enjoyed at least a return in value of ten times the cost of our consulting fee.  Furthermore, the fee is very modest and if a return in value is not achieved, there is a complete refund.

We evaluate a plethora of criteria for planning and buying traditional and digital media as well as benchmarking media performance, agency compensation, scope-of-work and quality of agency staffing.  This offers clients the opportunity to make adjustments, improve outcomes and make decisions based on measurable results.

Using our DMA system, value is derived in any combination of three ways: (1) increased operating efficiency, (2) improved media efficiencies, (3) improved marketplace return on investment (ROI).

Drexler/Fajen & Partners is different from other consultants in several respects. Through our work with clients and agencies in the review process, we have conducted many confidential interviews with CEOs, CMOs, CPOs and CFOs on both sides. That helped to clarify some of the issues facing the industry and to foster more enduring client/agency relationships. Here are just some of the things we have learned.

From advertisers:

Value: Advertisers are not always sure how agency value can be precisely determined and the benefits quantified. We analyze both outputs (i.e., staffing, compensation) and outcomes (i.e., media delivery, ROI) and recommend specific measurements to monitor both.

Accountability: Advertisers are not always able to identify all agency costs associated with their business from staffing to resources and task performance. Transparency is often absent.  We have established a scope-of-work reporting system that is the basis for an ongoing record for accountability measures.

Leadership: Advertisers have told us that they do not receive sufficient thought leadership from their agencies, particularly in areas of innovation, strategy and new media developments. With our more than 40 years of experience in various executive media positions, we know how agencies should function to stimulate ideas, inspire new thinking and remain on the cutting edge of media developments.

Integration: Many agencies claim to integrate traditional and digital media to leverage results in the marketplace.  While it is being done in different ways, the outcome must be achieved through structure, process, budget allocation and attribution.  Our methods can do this.

From agencies:

Briefing: Agencies have indicated that they often do not receive sufficient briefing from clients. We have created a very thorough and specific diagnostic outline that clients can follow to provide more relevant and actionable information to agencies.

Data: Agencies have designed new methods for data management and insight. They increasingly request more data sharing from clients that can be used to make more informed and insightful media decisions and metric analysis.  We help identify and facilitate the transfer of relevant data.

Partnership: While both clients and agencies strive for real partnership, agencies claim that their relationship with some clients does not function as a true partnership (which they feel fosters better work). Agencies can overcome client reluctance to partnership by demonstrating initiative in decision-making, leadership and service.   

Assessment: Although agencies know that they are continually judged on their performance and service, they would like to avoid surprises by having clients be more open and forthcoming with their assessments. We have created very specific performance review criteria that can be used regularly by clients to evaluate both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the ongoing relationship and can also be used by agencies to offer feedback to their clients.

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