Checklist To Evaluate Your Current Agency


According to a recent ANA study, nearly all of their members claim to use an agency performance evaluation system., with roughly half saying they use it once a year. Performance evaluations (especially two-way) keep both client and agency focused on what needs to get done and what needs improvement. Below is a checklist of criteria commonly used for agency performance evaluations. You can also add your own criteria.

Using a scale of 1 – 5 (5 = excellent, 4 = very good, 3 = adequate, 2 = needs improvement, 1 = poor), as objectively as possible, grade your own agency’s performance. If at the end you graded a fair number of 1s, 2s and 3s, you should be performing better and could lose a client. Before that happens, give us a call and we will help you improve dramatically in deficient areas.

Checklist For Agency Performance Evaluation

(Rating Scale: 5=excellent, 1=poor)

Research and Planning Rating
Agency aligns with client marketing and business objectives
Agency listens to the consumer, using market planners
Agency performs independent analysis of consumer behavior
Agency regularly provides productive marketplace insights
Agency writes incisive plans that can be followed by creative
Strategic Development
Agency develops strategies that align with client goals
Agency strategies are proactive and inventive
Agency strategies are executable
Account Service
Account staff senior enough to handle business
Account staff easy to deal with
Account staff demonstrates initiative
Account staff sets clear priorities
Account managers have process to control work
Creative Practices
Creative output reflects creative brief and on target
Creative output is campaignable
Creative able to create across many media forms
Creative output can be characterized as breakthrough
Creative has produced results in the past
Production Practices
Production usually is on time and on budget
Production quality is consistently at highest standards
Media Practices
Media staff liases with creatives well
Media staff knowledgeable in range of media choices
Media plans tied to client business and marketing goals
Media schedules are efficient
Media choices reflect added value
Media reconciles plans and buys
Agency output is delivered on timely basis
Deliverables are communicated clearly and effectively
Agency integrates output well with other ATL and BTL efforts
Traditional media and creative integrated well with digital
Agency tracks effectiveness of creative output
Agency performs media post-buys
Agency submits to third party media audits
Agency has an effective ROI system
Finance and Admin
Budgets are adhered to and timely
Compensation program is benchmarked
Budget approval process runs smoothly
Agency Management Involvement
Agency senior management is engaged in client business
Add Your Own Customized Criteria
Overall Ratings
Client trusts the agency
Agency is easy to deal with
Agency deals with other portfolio agencies easily


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