ANA Brief: Maximizing Media Agency Value

by Steve Fajen


The ANA (Association of National Advertisers) published a document we authored titled “Maximizing Media Agency Value: An Eight-Step Program.” This ANA Insight Brief also contains helpful hints from Michael Drexler – Drexler/Fajen & Partners, Mike Farmer – Farmer & Co., Tim Bajraktari – Beekman Associates, Jane Twyon – Worldwide Media Directors, Erwin Ephron – The Ephron Consultancy, Andy Donchin – Carat, Mike Lotito – Media-IQ, Richard Benyon – Decideware, and Antony Young – Optimedia.

It is one of many very useful Insight Briefs the ANA offers exclusively to their members. ANA Members may learn more by going to …

Non-members may contact us directly to discuss the program outlined in the Brief below at 646-459-2325 or or

The Media Playbook is available on Amazon