Our Point of View

Diane Ashley
VP Corporate Marketing & PR MJHS

Our need was to audit the work of all our agencies including traditional and digital media, creative production, direct response and branding as well as recommendations for improvement. We interviewed several consultants and selected Drexler/Fajen& Partners based on their knowledge, experience, reputation and ability to devote their top level executives to be consistently available to us and our assignment. Mike Drexler and Steve Fajen were true partners throughout the process. They not only provided complete guidance and answered all our questions every step of the way but delivered a thorough, comprehensive and very detailed report with specific analysis and benchmarks for each aspect of our review with valuable recommendations to improve our process going forward. We would not hesitate to recommend them for any company seeking the highest level of professional partners as marketing and media consultants.

Our mission is to bring our extensive knowledge and experience to the media and marketing process and enhance the business building relationship among clients, agencies and the media. As the media world continues to change we will offer new thoughts and points-of-view on our website, so please continue to visit us periodically and see if we can help add more value to your goals and marketplace results. We look forward to your comments and would be pleased to meet with your organization in confidence at your convenience.

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