The following sampling of case histories covers work we have done for advertisers, agencies and the media. 

Digital Agency Business Development Strategy

Issue: Hired to help a New York digital agency develop a more effective new business presentation to demonstrate their capabilities in all important areas of the digital space, focusing on client needs.

Action: Worked with the new business team as well as agency strategists and top management to create a presentation that emanated from the advertisers point-of-view and followed up with them on the next two pitches.

Result: Agency won one of the two pitches and understood how to continue with more focused client centric presentations.

Client/Agency Relationship Improvement

Issue: Thirty year relationship between entertainment client company and its agency was deteriorating. Client and agency needed mediation.

Action: Conducted diagnostic interviews with agency and client personnel, assessed work processes, evaluated team communication methods and reviewed compensation.

Result: Client remained with agency by implementing staff modifications and work practices, instituting new formal communication procedures and reconstructing compensation formula that attached specific measurable goals to results.

Audit of all agencies hired by client

Issue: Client Board of Directors authorized audit of all their agencies including traditional and digital media, creative, direct response and production.

Action: Six week audit of media strategies and efficiencies, personnel costs, creative production bids, performance metrics and compensation were reviewed and benchmarked with recommendations for improvement.

Result: No significant deficiencies were revealed but opportunities for some improvement were suggested in agency compensation and media measurement. Campaign showed significant marketplace results with creative and media buying performing exceptionally well.

Media Agency Search

Issue: Client seeking media agency to launch new company

Action: Our assignment was to conduct the entire agency review process beginning with initial screening of potential contenders, creating and assessing RFI proposals, managing responses, evaluating credentials, establishing briefing meetings, developing agency assignment, overseeing final presentations and judging selection and recommending compensation arrangements. Ongoing monitoring procedures also put in place.

Result: Agency successfully hired and working relationship continues solid.

Media company product positioning and strategy

Issue: Consortium of investors to introduce a new mobile medium to secure additional funding and demonstrate feasibility in the marketplace.

Action: Built a new business plan with opportunities to generate and measure advertising performance and introduce in several US markets.

Result: Funding for two years was secured, medium was successfully introduced and is now available in twenty-four of the of the top twenty-five markets.

Client/Agency Best Practices

Issue: Asia-Pacific based client wanted to learn in-depth more about the relationship and work practices between five specific “Best Practice” companies and their advertising agencies in order to improve their own practices.

Action: We conducted over three dozed diagnostic interviews with current and past key employees of the five clients and their agencies, as well as members of the trade press and financial community who were familiar with the companies and their work practices. Results of the study were codified, reported and integrated into the client’s marketing processes.

Result: Within a year the client reported their best sales year ever, topping their industry’s closest competitor by 20%

Media Agency Re-engineering

Issue: Giant Media Agency after losing 40% of revenue engaged SFC to study their people and processes and recommend corrective action.

Action: SFC conducted Diagnostic Interviews with senior management, employees at all level, past employees, past clients, prospects not engaged, search consultants and the press. Work practices and processes in several offices were also studied, as well as the business development effort.

Result: Top Management team adopted re-engineered plan and a new Business Development Marketing Director was hired. Digital and Traditional Media units were integrated and a new strategic planning process adopted. Agency has now stabilized and has won two pieces of new business each worth over $100million.